Bloggers Spotlight: “Here’s a Place for Us” and “The Together Traveler”

Every now and then we get some pretty cool guest writers. Some of them are bloggers that, at the end of their stay with us, share their experience on the Internet.

Today – and from now on, every Tuesday –  we’ll give them a little bit space on our very own blog so you get to know them and what they think about Lisbon and our hostels 😉



Here’s a Place for Us presents itself as an explorer of the «vastness of this amazing and complex world» that will «strive to give you information you can use, trust and want to know about». It’s «a blog for the inspired traveler».

About Lisbon and our hostels: «There’s so much to see and do that you will probably want to stay at least of 4 nights, if not more. Between a nightlife that almost never ends, fado in the Alfama, sweet treats in Belem, and quirky houses and palaces in Sintra, your days will be full of emotion.  (…) » – read more here!

It sure looks like he had a good time here. Thank you for letting us be a part of your wonderful traveling experience!



Last but not least we have Together Traveler, that stayed with us during the summer. She presents herself as an online guide because «winging it can be fun – the best memories come during the unplanned moments – but you also need to know enough about your destination so you don’t miss out on the good stuff!» and could not agree more!

She made a series of posts about the city, about the tours provided by Lisbon Destination Tours and about two of our hostels!

About Lisbon Destination Hostel: «I definitely recommend Lisbon Destination Hostel to anyone looking for a fun, social hostel in a great location. And don’t forget to book a few tours! I already miss all the amazing staff and guests I met in their hostels.» – read more here!

About Sunset Destination Hostel: «The hostel is fully equipped with a kitchen and dining room. Once a week they host a vegetarian dinner for guests. But even more exciting is what you’ll find if you keep walking past the dining room and head out on the roof. (…) » – read more here!

Thank you Tiffany and good luck on the rest of your travels!


Come back again next Tuesday for more Bloggers Spotlight!


2 thoughts on “Bloggers Spotlight: “Here’s a Place for Us” and “The Together Traveler”

  1. Thanks for sharing!! Lisbon was such an amazing destination and your staff really helped me make the most of my time there.

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