Every now and then we get some pretty cool guest writers and video producers. Some of them are bloggers and/or vloggers that, at the end of their stay with us, share their experience on the Internet.

Every Tuesday  we’ll give them a little bit space on our very own blog so you get to know them and what they think about Lisbon, our hostels and the tours provided by Lisbon Destination Tours.


About The Sunny Traveler: «I’m Donna. (…) I’m a photographer and filmmaker with a serious case of wanderlust. I have a passion for life and capturing the people and places I encounter along the way.»


About Lisbon Destination Hostel: «From the moment I walked in, I was impressed with this place. It’s located inside the train station which is a beautiful space on its own. The staff were super friendly and ready to help us with whatever we needed, which is a great way to be welcomed after being exhausted from travel! (…) The interior was one of the most beautiful of any hostel I’ve visited. »


About Sunset Destination Hostel’s dinner: «Our first night, the Sunset Destination Hostel was having an affordable dinner that we decided to stop by and I’m not kidding you – it was one of the best meals I’ve ever eaten. Not to mention it was a great way to meet new friends who weren’t staying at our hostel!»

Check out the rest of the review!
All photos by The Sunny Traveler.

Thank you Donna!! 😀

Come back again next Tuesday for more Bloggers Spotlight!


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